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Preorder Updates

Hey everyone, time for another update!

All cable colors and wattage-only ESCCs are IN STOCK right now. TC ESCCs above 50TCR are currently out of stock waiting on our biggest ESCC order to date, due at the end of June/beginning of July.

Beta mods: Lots of beta mods have shipped so far and Brent continues to contact additional people to get these out to the last people waiting. He's doing these as quickly as he can with everything else going on.

American mods: Finally, the aluminum extrusions are complete! Much thanks to Richardson Metals in Colorado Springs, CO, USA, for the diligent work to ensure these were exact to our specifications. Serious high quality work from their excellent team! We are so thrilled to be working with American manufacturing and supporting jobs locally, especially in these times, while producing a superior quality product! These come out in ~50 foot lengths and are cut down. We'll have videos soon of these being made. Take a look:

We're really happy with these extrusions and appreciate the effort the manufacturer put in to reworking the molds until they were perfect. Up to now, that was the biggest contribution to the wait. The global chip shortage is real, though, and we're still working on getting around this to acquire additional components. Here's a couple pictures of some of our American made PCBs, manufactured by Advanced Assembly in Lakewood, CO, USA:


We continue work on these, and our release date is still this summer. We're happy to finally have some tangible news and pictures to show for all the behind the scenes work we've done!

Bottomless Bangers: we continue to get more in weekly, but demand is far outpacing supply right now, and these are all handmade by one person. We've taken steps to alleviate some of this bottleneck and we are actively shipping these as they arrive though.

Bubblers: We are currently out of stock on bubbler bodies (everything else still in stock.) We let these run out of stock as we are transitioning to a new (v3) design that incorporates a new perc design. We'll update with a better timeframe on these as we get additional information.

Stuart Johnson

Stuart Johnson

Business Manager - Social Media - Customer Service

3 Responses

Dylan Coyle

Dylan Coyle

July 23, 2021

Super exciting stuff for sure! Everything is looking so close and 100% quality! I know it’s costing to have everything made in America however the quality will pay off. I feel great knowing a fair wage was paid to all involved manufacturing a product I’ll enjoy daily. Not everyone can afford to do this but maybe someday many more can. If more businesses do what Brent has done and put quality first. There will be more skilled jobs in America for many others to be paid fairly and vote with they’re wallets as well. Chinas unfair treatment and wages of manufacturing workers affects American jobs and quality of life. Brent wants this product to be good, it’s a labor of love for him. I see it in his writing here and his body language on Instagram videos. He isn’t out to get rich. He wants this as much for him as he wants to share with us! It’s great to see what he’s built/building grow and thrive despite what obstacles have cropped up in the last 16 months. I’m eagerly awaiting the next development update from AVS knowing it’ll be interesting.


steve yhelka

steve yhelka

June 26, 2021

that’s wild, how those come in 50ft sections – i never would’ve guessed that’s how the mod looks in the beginning of production. i’ve been waiting patiently for one since i ordered in February & i’m looking forward to using it! thanks for the information.

Mike D

Mike D

June 18, 2021

Thanks for the update, Stuart and AVS.

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