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Product Updates

Hey everyone, time for another update!

Since our last update, we have shipped out hundreds of ESCCs to waiting customers, and continued work on both the beta mod and the final American mod. We've made a lot of progress on all fronts during this time.

Beta mods: original beta mod customers are being contacted by me directly to talk about their beta mods. If you haven't yet been contacted by me, you will be shortly. These have begun shipping out to you guys and gals as well as some kit customers early on in the preorder process, but we do not yet have a definite cutoff date for these people.

American mods: A lot of progress has been made here since our last update, but we're not quite there yet. We're extremely happy with the work we've done on the chipset design, far exceeding our initial design requirements and giving us a high quality foundation to build off of. A result of this is that we will no longer have any ESCCs that cannot be temp controlled by our mod, even ones requiring very high voltages. The enclosure is still the primary thing we're waiting on though, as our aluminum extrusion manufacturer has delayed us repeatedly. There is also a silicon shortage worldwide impacting all tech industries (and even stuff like the automotive industry)- this has made getting all the electronic parts a slower process. The extended work on the beta mod, the delays with the aluminum extrusion, and the worldwide silicon shortage, mean that we're not going to hit our May date. All of us here at AVS fully realize the frustration caused by the delays, and that some customers will choose to cancel their preorders. There is a reason, however, that so many customers are willing to stick with us through the delays- we will deliver on our promise of delivering a product that is years ahead of our competition, and there are hundreds of customers using our products right now proving this. All we can do is keep our heads down and continue working as fast as we can, and do everything we can do on the customer service side to mitigate the wait time for everyone. These mods will be released this summer. Even the most pessimistic timeline we can give will still be this summer.

With beta mods rolling out to customers, we're excited to have a wider group of customers use our mod for the first time and to help us to improve the final mod, and I want to say thank you to everyone for their continued patience for the release of those mods. We feel like it's all finally coming together and we're going to continue to work diligently until we're happy with the final product. 💚💨

Brent Spendlove

Brent Spendlove

President & Chief Engineer - Founder of AVS. Electrical, Software, Mechanical, and Material Engineering, Product Design, Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics, International Trade, Graphic Design, Website Design, Photography & Film, Cad, Cam, 3d Art and Animation.

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June 09, 2021

I Have my Beta Mod in hand. Ordered in 2019 and let me say it is everything described. I am thoroughly pleased with the Beta and can’t even begin to imagine how amazing the Final Mod will be. Super consistent. User Friendly. TC works flawlessly. End Game.

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