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Cutting edge, industry leading technology. Engineered by AVS in Denver, CO, USA, using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

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Recycle or Reuse, go Green

Here at AVS we believe that the environment is important and take every step possible to ensure a sustainable future both for our environment and our business 💚🌎 

Our spool is more eco-friendly than any spool in this industry! We reduced the amount of plastic in a typical wire spool by over 15% while maintaining the strength. We're using a thermoplastic that is easily recycled and with less VOC's. To recycle something, a code is required on the material to be recycled, called a recycle code, and last we checked our spool is the only one with the recycle code branded in.

The labels we use are printed using eco-friendly inks and our business cards on recycled paper. We also try to minimize the use of plastic waste like excessive bags in a package, or use bags and containers that can be reused to store parts in etc. We're green, it is after all our main company color!

We use non-toxic and eco friendly materials and coatings with user health and safety as our top priority. We like to engineer rebuildable devices due to less waste and manufacturing pollution. Rebuilding also gives the user a better understanding of their device and taking care of it for the best performance and lifespan. 

We feel it is the responsibility of companies and their management to make decisions that are best for the earth while allowing them to continue doing business. As we grow, we take most of our profit and invest it back into AVS, finding ways to innovate this industry that we love. We're always looking for new and better ways to be eco friendly and to better serve you. We appreciate all of our customers who have allowed us to make it here today, none of it is possible without you!

Brent Spendlove

Brent Spendlove

President & Chief Engineer - Founder of AVS. Electrical, Software, Mechanical, and Material Engineering, Product Design, Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics, International Trade, Graphic Design, Website Design, Photography & Film, Cad, Cam, 3d Art and Animation.

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Andrew F.

Andrew F.

November 22, 2021

Just completely sad that they aren’t available and able to be shipped out. Good luck getting one before the holidays. I will try and order one again some day. Only reason I’ll ever get one is because it is the space ship to the rest of the industries tired old bike.

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