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Upgrade or maintain your Molecule22 with our parts and accessories!


Molecule22 E-Nail Kit

Mod + Atomizer Color
Silicone Parts Color

This is available for preorder and will ship around the end of October. This is an estimate and may change. Although you can cancel for a full refund at any time, we ask that customers not place preorders unless they understand delays do happen. We are a small American manufacturer and our products are in high demand compared to our supply. Preorder and backorder is meant to be used as a waiting list. While we do our best to estimate dates, there are so many variables outside our control especially due to the pandemic. For our customers that are unsure about placing a preorder, or are hesitant of changes, we would recommend waiting until the product is in stock before purchasing.

Use the M22 as a wax pen, or e-nail with the energized SiC ceramic crucible(ESCC™)!


  • Your color choice of Molecule22 atomizer with TC ESCC™
  • Black M22 Control Tower Mod w/ Powerful 4200mah replaceable 21700 size battery included - Engineered, and manufactured/assembled in the USA!
  • 10mm male glass joint w/14mm adapter 90° bottomless banger and 510 Extension Cable
  • Silicone Desktop base with glass dipping tank.

This does not include a rig but the SSC designed rig for the M22 can be found here.

Molecule22 Atomizer

Engineered from the ground up to offer the best flavor and performance possible with the best materials for durability and user safety. Offering unprecedented versatility and technology. The M22 includes our renowned 316L SS Fused Clapton coils and the revolutionary, first-of-its-kind Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible (ESCC™).

The Full M22 E-Nail Experience

The E-Nail kit includes the silicone desktop dab station with 8ml glass dipping tank, 510 extension cable, bottomless banger with carb cap and tether. Everything you need to use the Molecule22 with ESCC™ as an E-nail. Unlike traditional enails, the Energized SiC Crucible will heat up to temperature within a few seconds and accurately maintain temperature under different conditions. Other dab tech simply can't keep up with the superior electrical and thermal performance of the ESCC™!

The base holds about 65 cotton swabs. It can also hold a mini to mid size dab tool on the magnetic samurai sword style holder. There are 2 other holes that can be used for larger wax tools, a 14mm hole for hanging the banger or other 14mm male glass jointed parts, and a 22mm hole for the glass dipping tank.

The M22 E-Nail is unlike any other. Only the M22 with ESCC™ can deliver this level of flavor, performance, and efficiency.

The M22 Control Tower

Sleek, compact, and versatile, the M22 CT is the most powerful and capable box mod for its size. Packed with state of the art technology, features, and accessories, the M22 Control Tower will give you the best performance and most versatility from the M22 system and ESCC™.

M22 Control Tower Specs

Customizable RGB Led Ring - Over 150 million color/effect combinations

 Rig mode - Auto firing with selectable cut-off time

 Variable Wattage or Temperature Control modes

 Full Color HD IPS screen

USB-C Fast Charging

Powerful 4200mah replaceable battery included

Durable Metal Construction

Firmware Updateable

Use it how you want!

The first device engineered from the ground up to be used as a Wax Pen, E-rig, and E-Nail. You can add parts individually to upgrade your kit as you go or purchase the whole M22 Elite Kit.

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