Cold start & low temp - get the most flavor and efficacy.

Cold start & low temp - get the most flavor and efficacy.

February 17, 2020

In the world of medical cannabis concentrate efficacy is important. Efficacy is a word some of you may not be familiar with. It basically refers to the effectiveness of something, in this case your concentrate, to accomplish the intended result.

By cold starting and using temperature control based on live readings from a heating element with a *TCR, like the *ESCC in the Molecule22, you better preserve the molecular structure of the compounds you're vaporizing. This results in better absorption of the active ingredients and co-factors to give you the strongest impact possible from the concentrated oils. When oils are overheated they change in molecular structure and become carcinogenic over 600f. (add citation).

It is best for flavor, efficacy of your concentrate, and your safety to use this method.  

How to get the full flavor & effect of your concentrate:

  1. Set your temperature low, between 360-420
  2. Load a dab about the size of a grain of rice or two, at room temperature.
  3. Begin heating it up to dabbing temps.
  4. You want to start inhaling softly before it reaches 150f, this is less than a second with the ESCC.
  5. As the cloud grows, or after about 3-4 seconds you can start inhaling harder to draw even thicker/more vapor.
  6. Continue inhaling for 4-8 seconds after cutting the power to the ESCC, to cool everything back down and clear any remaining vapor from the system.
Exhale slowly and enjoy the best flavor you have ever experienced. You're welcome 🙌💚💨



TCR: Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. A change in electrical resistance based on temperature.

ESCC: Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible. A directly electrified ceramic crucible that behaves like a coil but without a coil in or under it, it is the coil. This is the most cutting edge technology in 2020.


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