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Cold start & low temp.

When it comes to vaporizing concentrates, efficacy, efficiency, and flavor are interrelated. Efficacy refers to the ability of something, in this case your concentrate, to accomplish the intended result, and efficiency refers to the quantity of product required to achieve the intended result. Below we will explain how the Molecule22 with ESCC technology blows the traditional banger and torch or other electronic dab tech out of the water, and it allows the user to achieve maximal efficacy, efficiency, and flavor from their concentrates.

Traditional dabbing is accomplished by heating up a nail or banger with a butane torch to very high temperatures (often above 800F). As the nail cools, the concentrate is added to the hot nail to be vaporized. Dabbing temperature is determined by how long the nail is allowed to heat and then cool before adding the oil. During a “cold start dab” the concentrate is added to the banger first, and then heat is applied until vaporization temperature is reached. This typically results in a low temperature dab when compared to a hot start. Ideally, a temperature monitor should be used to ensure proper dab temperature (neither too hot nor too cold) is obtained.

Why would cold start be advantageous, and how can the Molecule22 with ESCC™ simplify this process for the end-user? When you start from room temperature using real and actual temperature control based on live electrical resistance (ohmΩ) readings, from a directly energized surface that you dab directly from, the oil can be rapidly and accurately heated to the specified temperature. The temperature will then be held nearly constant throughout vaporization regardless of changes to variables such as airflow or oil viscosity/quantity. Therefore, the molecular structures of the oils being vaporized are better preserved. This results in more efficient absorption of the active ingredients and co-factors to give you the strongest possible impact per drop from your concentrated oils. The ESCC is the only crucible tech capable of doing this despite false claims from competitors of having TC. All other crucible atomizers are at best just overheat protection and not actual TC that will respond near instantaneously to changes in airflow or oil viscosity etc. Other crucible atomizers also take much longer to heat up due to the conductive (Indirect) heating they utilize and a lot more energy is used resulting in poor battery life. You can learn more about this by clicking this link to open the blog post "Why the ESCC™ is superior" in a new window.

When using the Molecule22 with ESCC, our proprietary electronics and software ensures that the dab is not under- or over-heated during vaporization, a feat that can be difficult to obtain with a traditional banger/torch or other electronic-rigs. When the compounds are under-heated (too cold), the dab may not vaporize entirely leading to product waste and excess reclaim formation (residual oil without flavorful terpenes). When using the Molecule22 with ESCC, the oil is maintained at the specified temp throughout ensuring complete vaporization of the active ingredients and other co-factors/terpenes without waste. What this means for the consumer is the following: when compared to a banger/torch or other electronic rigs, the same effects can be achieved with a much smaller dab on the Molecule22 w/ ESCC. Your stash will last longer with the Molecule22 due to the increased efficiency of vaporization.

Equally important is what happens to the dab when too high of a temperature is used. When molecules in the oil are overheated, they change in structure which prevents absorption, and they even start to become carcinogenic. A study published in ACS Omega in 2017 evaluated what carcinogenic compounds, such as methacrolein, are released when dabbing. The authors found that no carcinogenic compounds were released when dabbing below 610F, but carcinogenic compounds were detected at temperatures of 750F and above. When using an imprecise torch and nail (as well as inferior electronic devices using ceramic plate heaters) it is all too easy to overheat your dab, which can be deleterious to your health. Moreover, different molecules found in the oils vaporize or burn at different temperatures, which can alter the experience. This can result in different experiences when vaporizing at low versus high temperatures (changes in drowsiness, anxiety relief, and hunger). That is, a user may elect to dab at lower or higher temperatures to achieve a desired outcome (increased energy or social interaction with lower temps, increased appetite and drowsiness at higher temps).

High temperature will also negatively impact your flavor to a large degree. After 390℉ flavor starts to decline with 450℉ being the apex of flavor to cloud ratio. After 450℉ the flavor begins to decline very rapidly, and the vapor becomes harsh. If you drop oil into a hot dish than you will instantly start to scorch most of the lower temp molecules which will negatively impact your flavor. Starting cold, then beginning to inhale at lower temps will allow you to pull those molecules away as they reach their individual boiling points without scorching them, giving you unprecedented flavor purity and efficacy per drop. Science!

With the advanced technology packed into the Molecule22 with ESCC, cold start, low temp dabs are a breeze to provide the very best in flavor, efficacy, and efficiency when dabbing.



1. Set your temperature low, between 390-450
2. Load a dab about the size of a grain of rice or less, at room temperature. (Remember you can only absorb so much per inhale, big dabs are wasteful and increase the chance of oil overflowing into the atomizer. It is better to take 2 smaller puffs than 1 huge puff. The 2 smaller puffs will have more efficacy.)
3. Begin heating it up to dabbing temps.
4. You want to start inhaling softly around 250f, this is at about 2.5 seconds with the ESCC™.
5. Inhale for about 5-10 seconds while continuing to power the atomizer.
6. Continue inhaling for another 5-8 seconds after cutting the power to the ESCC, to cool everything back down and clear any remaining vapor from the system.

Exhale slowly and enjoy the best flavor and efficacy you have ever experienced. 🙌💚💨


Brent Spendlove

Brent Spendlove

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