Why the ESCC™ is superior heating tech.

Why the ESCC™ is superior heating tech.

February 17, 2020

The patent pending ESCC is the most powerful ceramic heater ever made for oil concentrate vaporization. Cleaner, safer, better flavor and performance than anything, ever before. With proper care it will last years.

There is absolutely no comparison to anything else.

Other crucible atomizers use indirect heating, through a coil that is underneath the crucible. Sometimes the coil is embedded into a ceramic donut or disc, or even into the crucible itself. There has never been a truly "coil-less" crucible atomizer until now. The ESCC™ is the coil. By pushing electricity directly through the crucible we are able to generate heat within the crucible material itself. This equals much faster/efficient heat up than anything else is capable of, by a large margin. All other crucible designs are highly inefficient and lose much of their energy to the surrounding surfaces while taking a very long time to heat up.

With the ESCC more of the energy is utilized when and where you want it with near instant reaction time and reaching up to 600f within 4 seconds! Adjusting the wattage output will speed heating time up even more or slow it down. Due to the crucible being directly powered or 'energized', its electrical resistance is able to be monitored directly which allows for unprecedented TC accuracy and performance. Don't be fooled by other companies claims to have the best flavor, performance, or the most efficient design with "special materials" that are overpriced and greatly under-perform when compared to the ESCC. Nothing comes close to the energy efficiency, performance, or flavor of the ESCC and Molecule22, nor will anything come close in the near future, unless it's us making an even better ESCC™😉

Welcome to the future.

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