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Preorder Updates

Hey everyone, we wanted to make a couple quick updates on where we are with our preorders:

High quality TC ESCCs (and wattage only ones too) are in stock now for new orders and ship within 24hrs. These awesome ESCCS are the largest ESCC batch we've ever had, and they've finally arrived to us! 

American mods are still progressing along. Instead of buying whatever we could get, we are working our way through this chip shortage by carefully acquiring the highest quality components from manufacturers like Texas Instruments and Toshiba for important auxiliary chipsets and features. We'll have more pictures and news on the mod soon but we are still on our timeline for release, and here's a few pictures of one of the auxiliary chips we were finally able to secure:

Bubblers and bottomless bangers are the only parts beside the mod we are currently out of stock on. We've made continued improvements to the honeycomb perc design and we'll have these in time for the kits to go out. Bottomless bangers and rigs will arrive this week and we will also have extra of those!

Stuart Johnson

Stuart Johnson

Business Manager - Social Media - Customer Service

1 Response

John L

John L

September 07, 2021

Appreciate these updates. Can’t wait for the American made mod :D

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