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ūüĒĒ PACT Act Update

Hello again Advanced Vapers!

We want to take a moment to address the PACT act and upcoming mail ban, and also make some announcements related to that. If you want to go straight to the news, skip ahead to the last paragraph.

We began our company in 2015 selling the highest quality stainless steel wire for vaping, and over the next several years provided innovative new wire configurations to the market- often cloned, but never duplicated. I know all of us here at AVS were deeply dedicated to the growing industry, and I personally truly enjoyed talking and meeting other industry folks rushing to fill the exploding industry, as well as average people with an enthusiasm for vaping. It was a fun time and a truly new and fresh industry with new products coming out daily.

It's been really hard to watch all these great people, whose goal was to provide a safer, cleaner, and better lifestyle to adult smokers, lose their livelihoods as the government increasingly strangled the market and stacked the deck more and more in favor of the largest tobacco companies. It's deeply ironic that a portion of an economic stimulus bill with the stated goal of maintaining jobs during the pandemic has a section in it that effectively kills an entire industry and section of the economy. To the government, it's an abstract- numbers on a piece of paper. To us, and to many other companies, it's painfully real. Men and women with children to feed and bills to pay. Anyone involved in the industry for any length of time will know how bitter it has been to watch things unfold as they have, and it's been just one more disaster to cap off a disastrous past year.  My inbox has been filled with "going out of business" emails from some of my favorite companies, and this has all happened almost completely silently to the wider population.

Several years ago we began expanding our company and moving into a different marketplace with entirely different devices and uses. As many of you know, in the past couple years this eclipsed our wire business to become our primary focus. These products have never been advertised for use with any tobacco product, and they cannot be used this way. The language of the PACT Act makes it clear that prior marketing is an important distinction, which leads us to making some difficult choices, especially for those that have been AVS customers from the very beginning. I hate writing this email but it is the right step for the future of this company.

With this in mind, we are discontinuing all coils, wire, and the Boaz RDA. There is no path forward given the current legal landscape for these products. This does not apply to any Molecule22 aromatherapy products. We, along with other companies, will continue to operate and sell these products. For those of you that are exclusively wire and coil customers, I encourage you to pick up what you can, as we will not be restocking these products. All coils and wire are now 70% OFF with coupon code "70OFF" from now until we cease shipping these products on March 26th. Additionally, any coil and wire purchase over $100 (after discount) will receive a free Boaz RDA (whatever color is available.) Our path forward as a company must eliminate any product that was previously marketed for use with tobacco products, regardless of what most customers use it for currently. For most of our current customers this comes as good news, and is not particularly relevant to them, but it is still bittersweet to say goodbye to the industry that we started this company in and to all the people that rely on our wire for their vaping needs. I want to say thank you to all the wire customers that supported us over the years and put us in the position to be able to create the truly innovative products we're now known for. From all of us here at AVS we want you to know we are not done innovating, and although we have to say goodbye to our coil and wire customers, it will not slow down our goal of providing the best aromatherapy products on the market.


We hope you have a great weekend and as always, if you have any questions you can reach us at our website chat or either of the following emails: 


Thank you all,

Stuart - Brent - Brock  - Daniel

Stuart Johnson

Stuart Johnson

Business Manager - Social Media - Customer Service

1 Response

Gregory keefer

Gregory keefer

March 16, 2021

Hey there, I was trying to decipher your update on the mail ban or pact. It’s a little hard to know for sure so I figured I’d Email and ask. I’m hoping to be able to get around to ordering the atomizer. I’m just hobbyist and love toys to play with. I’m also a medical patient in PA legally. This vape ban is hell for all of us and really heartbreaking. My concern is will I be able to order the atomizer in a few weeks and not have shipping be a concern? Hopefully it’s all shipped as something other than tobacco or vape stuff. I think it’s unamerican what they are doing. How are people supposed to thrive and sell their products? American made and engineered stuff. Makes no sense. Anyway, hopefully this won’t affect me being able to order from here in the future. You have some awesome and really innovative stuff. Super excited I stumbled into it. Just hope I’ll be able to get it sent her to PA one day soon. Best of luck and hope this will work out. Thanks.

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