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M22 Preorder/Backorder Update

Hello Advanced Vapers,

This is our new weekly progress update! We know while many of you are patiently waiting and even anticipating delays, we can keep everyone up to date on our status and what is going on here with everything.

Most of the parts and accessories are done! We are only waiting for 3 things to finish at this point.

  1. The Mod – the Chinese made Control Tower (beta mod) is still on the way to us. It was supposed to arrive early this week. UPS said it should arrive tomorrow 2/12/2021. We will then need a couple days to program and QC test each mod before shipping. Additionally, we are not receiving as many as we were originally told. The factory said 400, then 250, 300, 320, but then actually sent us 180. We still need to test them and do not know if all 180 are good. If they are all good, it means we will be able to send the beta mod to orders up until around Oct 29th, 2020. We do not have a new update about the American made mods at this time other than we are trying our hardest to get them done this month still while making sure they are what we want them to be. We should have more information about this in our next weekly update.
  2. The V2 ESCC – We received a very limited batch of the Chinese made V2 ESCC. We will begin shipping these today. If you do not want the Chinese made one and would rather wait for the American made version, you must contact us so we can add a note to your order. We do not expect the American made version to be ready until late March. We will be receiving more of the Chinese made V2 ESCC, enough for everyone and then some, around the end of this month. We also are finding some out of spec units in this batch and so wattage only ESCC will be available again while supplies last.
  3. The E-nail extension cable – There is not a new update about this and so I will just quote my last public update about the cable delay: “The extension cable is delayed. This particular situation is an anomaly in our experience with Chinese manufacturing. Our supplier did really good work and so I tried to place the order, but they refused and said they can make it better. I liked their ideas to make the cable better and approved it knowing it would delay it. Again, I am striving for our best work even if I must delay it a little. We are making the part that attaches to the atomizer shorter so it can fit almost any rig without hitting the rig. They are also adding a molded silicone piece onto the cable for additional strain relief which will increase durability. We discussed making the cable here instead to save time, but this factory is doing good work. They seem to care more about the quality they put out than what is typical in my experience and I respect that. This will now likely be ready around the end of February at the soonest due to additional delay created by Chinese New Year.” The rest of this update can be found here

We will be posting an updated spring clip and ESCC install video later today or tomorrow that will cover the up-to-date method for the V1 ESCC and the method for the V2.

If you have other items besides the mod or extension cable as part of your order that you would like us to ship now, let us know and we will get them shipped out asap!

Thanks everyone for your continued patience and trust!  We will deliver you the best quality and technology available as you all have come to expect from us! We hope this method of keeping everyone updated is agreeable for everyone instead of us trying to update various social media platforms. This makes it so every week on Thursday, you can come here and see what the new official updates are instead of hearing it from someone else who is possibly telling you incorrect information. We look forward to your comments down below. If you have not already, check out the other blog posts while you are here!


Update 2/19/21

Work is continuing around the clock on the beta mods between Dan and I. We aren't simply installing the firmware, we are changing several things as well as ensuring compatibility with the new v2 ESCCs. The feature we are currently building in is an updated auto TC calibration mode where the mod will test the TCR of the crucible and make its own TC profile specific to your ESCC which in turn will offer the best and most accurate TC for your specific ESCC. The goal is to make setting up and using TC a breeze, unlike other TC setups that can be finicky or technical to setup. The American made mods are going to be built off of the backbone and lessons we've learned from the Chinese beta mod, but it's an entirely new custom chipset and parts, so most programming work will not carry over between the two. Because of our extended work on the beta mods (we want them to be as good as they can be) and this difference between the two, the American mods are probably not going to be ready by the end of the month. A week to two later is a safer bet.

The hardware side of the American mod looks to be moving along, all of the separate companies along the production processes are making good progress, and the extrusion dies are done.

The V2 ESCC from China turned out much better than we anticipated! We have very few oos and so far, customers that have received them have had nothing but spectacular things to say. The American made version is still in the works, but we do not have a date yet until it is ready,  and it could potentially be an extended wait. Anyone not wanting to wait should just opt for the Chinese one and get it much sooner, otherwise you might be waiting a couple months for the American made version. We are also considering offering both indefinitely since the American made version will cost significantly more.

That's it for this week's update, as usual we have a mix of good and bad news but it's slowly becoming more good than bad. I appreciate everyone's support, and I know that as you all start to receive the new items we're shipping, you'll see the product vision we have and what we're trying to accomplish with these innovative products. Until next week!


Update 2/26/21

Hey everyone, time for our weekly update. It really does feel like we're approaching the home stretch around here, and we know everyone's just as excited as we are to get everything out the door. 

V2 ESCCs: V2 esccs are currently still trickling out from the initial batch once we test their TCR. These have been going out to the customers at the front of the line and we'll finish up on those soon. As for everyone else, it looks like we're going to be pretty close with the "around the end of February" timeline we told everyone previously. We're looking at about a week until we get several hundred more, enough to cover every preorder and then some. It's possible it will be two weeks, but as of right now it looks like about a week. Once we get those both myself and Brock will be measuring TCR's on them as quickly as we can to get lots of them out each day. 

Beta mods: We encountered a bug over the past week when trying to integrate the Chinese hardware with our updated firmware, and it took awhile to identify the issue and rectify it, but we nailed down that bug late last night. Barring anything else unforeseen we're now just getting the firmware installed and will hopefully ship these soon!

Everything else: Cables are being manufactured now and we're on track to receive them by the end of March. American mods are making progress and have the same timeline. Everything except the American ESCC should be done and shipping within that timeframe.

Thank you again to everyone that has stood by us and continues to do so, your support is what makes this all worth it and we wouldn't be here without you. We will see you here again next week!


Update 3/5/21

Hey everyone, it is time again for our weekly M22 update. Along with this update, we also posted another blog post here and sent out an email to everyone regarding our coil and wire business and the PACT Act.

M22/v2 ESCC: everything still on track with these. Last update we got puts them still in the window we gave for our update last week, so we will have these very soon.

Beta mods: Dan is continuing to isolate and remove bugs. We realize these are beta mods, but we are going to hunt for bugs on these until Dan is happy that they will work well in all usage scenarios. As it stands right now, he should be finished any day, but I am going to give him the time he wants to work on them until we are satisfied it is as good as it can be. 

American mods: PCB design is 90% complete. We have contracted one of Dan's former colleagues at Lockheed Martin to help draft this new board design. Everything is still proceeding as planned here.

Cable: no new news, everything is still moving along according to plan.

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and we will see you next week!


Update 3/13/21

Hey everyone, weekly update time. Sorry for being a day late on the update, we're very busy here with a lot of things right now and appreciate the understanding.

V2 ESCCs: are actually IN TRANSIT to us! We will probably get them in a few days.

Beta mods: We have reached the point where we are pretty happy with where the beta mod is at and its performance for the ESCC. We are really excited to get these in people's hands soon. We will be doing some more testing through the weekend but are planning on shipping these this week. I know we have delayed a few times on these to give time to bug hunt and fine tune, but we are almost ready for these to go out the door.

During this coming week Brock and I will be round-the-clock testing TCR's on the incoming v2 ESCCs and Dan will be uploading final firmware on the beta mods at the same time. As we finish these we will begin shipping to customers at the front of the line. In many cases we will also be partial shipping for customers that ordered kits so that they can have most of their order while we wait for the American mods.

SSC Rigs: SSC is supposed to have more stuff to us this upcoming week, with some rigs complete and more bangers made over the weekend.

Everything else: no new news, everything proceeding.

Thanks everyone!

Brent Spendlove

Brent Spendlove

President & Chief Engineer - Founder of AVS. Electrical, Software, Mechanical, and Material Engineering, Product Design, Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics, International Trade, Graphic Design, Website Design, Photography & Film, Cad, Cam, 3d Art and Animation.

8 Responses

Chris Gjertson

Chris Gjertson

November 22, 2021

When will these be ready for sale/shipping to the US?

Adam Williams

Adam Williams

March 28, 2021

Any reason there hasnt been an update this week?

Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan

February 27, 2021

I preordered the control tower on 10/30. please include me in the list of beta testers. thanks.

Carmen Quici

Carmen Quici

March 28, 2021

If I opt for the Chinese would it be a version 2? If so I would like it ASAP. What is the price difference going to be between U.S and Chinese version?



February 16, 2021

I have been waiting several months and Stuart guaranteed me a Beta mod and a TC ESCC as soon as they arrive because of my shipping situation, I definitely hope you have included me.

Isaac emin

Isaac emin

February 11, 2021

I ordered that date I hope I get a beta mod

Cody davis

Cody davis

February 11, 2021

Thank you guys for the update. I pre-ordered on oct 27 so I think I am good. Looking forward to trying out the beta mod

David Sommer

David Sommer

February 11, 2021

Thank you for all the work you’ve done, to improve the m22 AND communication! This seems a good way to keep us all up to date. Your plate is more than full and I, for one, appreciate all you’ve done while wearing 6 hats. Tipping my hat to you, sir!

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