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Preorder / Backorder Update

Hey everyone,

We apologize for missing our weekly update. Moving forward, I think a biweekly (every other week) format would be better, although important news will be posted more frequently if needed. We are round the clock busy right now, and every update takes multiple hours of our time across all platforms after we post it. Additionally, the majority of our customers still choose to contact us directly to hear the latest updates for their order in particular rather than read these updates.

We've got a pretty lengthy update today with some important info in there. V2 ESCCs have been shipping over the past week or so as quickly as we can get them tested and their TCR measured. If you haven't gotten a shipping notification yet, you should see one soon as we work through the list.

With the V2 ESCCs rolling out to customers, we wanted to take a minute to talk for the first time about the electrical properties you can expect from the new v2 ESCC, as well as where we're headed from here in general.

Although there are variations with some higher or lower, the majority of v2 ESCCs land somewhere around the .7 - 1.0 ohm threshold, with a somewhat lower TCR than the smaller sized ESCCs. Both of these are related to size increases and formulation differences between the two versions. These are still functional with TC on third party mods such as DNA devices that we've tested them on. Every V2 ESCC we've shipped out so far should be functional for tc in that environment. If you're having issues, make sure you're using the TCR listed on the container and not a generic profile or a profile made for the v1 ESCC.

This leads us to an important point for our ESCCs moving forward though: the SiC material has inherent variations in resistance and TCR, which is why we made the choice to develop a custom mod for handling this unique material in the first place. Trying to ensure these ESCCs will work with a wide range of mods and scenarios has become counterproductive to our goal of creating the best experience- one that just works. Taking that logic to it's natural conclusion leads us to the decision to focus entirely on making the closed system that is the m22 with control tower a user-friendly and seamless process. Using the ESCC with a third party mod can be tricky at the best of times, and in general is an enthusiast-level setup and it requires the experience to match.

We want our customers to be able to open their kit, quickly read the instructions, install their clips, and they're off and running- without a mandatory understanding of underlying principles like TCR, resistance, or trying to set up temperature control on a wide array of different devices with various temp control ability.

If you're an enthusiast and you want to keep using your existing mod setup, of course you can do that, but we will no longer be putting lots of resources towards producing ESCCs with a high enough TCR that a third party mod can function in tc effectively, when we've created a mod that both works better and can handle the wide range of resistances and TCR inherent to the SiC platform already. Because of this, we're now considering all ESCCs with a positive TCR a TC ESCC, because our mod can accurately temp control them. From now on, wattage-only ESCCs will be those with no/negative TCRs. The previously wattage only OOS ESCCs can successfully be temp controlled with our mod.

With e-cigarette related mods in decline with the upcoming ban, it makes sense for us to focus entirely on creating an ecosystem built from the ground up for making this escc work and create the experience we're going for, and that can only be done when we design the entire system.

We also wanted to make a quick announcement about the beta mods as those begin rolling out as well- these are exactly what we've described them as- beta mods. Many features in the final mod (such as 316L TC) are not present in the beta because we want to get these out in the wild and get feedback and information regarding its use, and so we focused on the aspect most people are buying it for- TC with an ESCC. Because of the particulars of the design of this Chinese beta mod, we are limiting  the resistance ranges it can effectively fire - ~1.6ohm or under is where this beta mod is comfortable at. The final version mod will be able to handle a much wider resistance range, up to about 2.5 ohm. We need all you beta mod users to contact us directly with any issues you may encounter as you use the mod.

We've also created a discord for beta mod people to discuss the mod, we'll get that link out soon. We have already sent out some mods for last minute alpha testing with customers that we had either arranged this with before the original preorder, or that have done testing in the past. Ultimately we're only a few guys and there's only so much dab testing we can do ourselves!

American mods will definitely not be here by the end of the month like we planned. Relying on the dates our suppliers give us has made us miss dates over and over, so we want to avoid this moving forward and give as generous a timeframe as possible so we don't disappoint anyone with another missed date. There is major progress on the American mod already completed as well as several manufacturers still producing parts. The boards themselves are being manufactured and the aluminum shells are still being extruded.  Realistically we took significantly longer to refine the beta mod than we anticipated and that also eats into active software development time on the American mod too. We feel like it's a much better decision to delay rather than just ship what we have out the door in order to appease people. So while internally we're shooting for far, far sooner, we're going to put the target release date for the American mod out a few months so we have some breathing room with customer's expectations, and time to make it the game changer we know it will be. We understand some customers will not be happy with this, and that is okay. It's in the best interest of the overall project. That said though we are still trying to hit a much closer internal timeframe.

The only other manufactured item we're waiting on is the cable, and it'll be arriving to us soon- most likely in the next couple weeks. We don't have any reason to believe those will be delayed any further.

I also wanted to wrap this update up with an announcement about Reddit. We are no longer going to maintain an active presence there and we will be making a couple active community members moderators. We wanted to choose people that are active in the community but that are in no way affiliated with our company. So there will probably be more news about the particulars of that on reddit itself for those that use it.

Until next time, thank you everybody for your patience with us and as always for your support.

Brent Spendlove

Brent Spendlove

President & Chief Engineer - Founder of AVS. Electrical, Software, Mechanical, and Material Engineering, Product Design, Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics, International Trade, Graphic Design, Website Design, Photography & Film, Cad, Cam, 3d Art and Animation.

2 Responses

Cody Davis_Santa Cruz

Cody Davis_Santa Cruz

April 05, 2021

Thank you very much for the detailed update. Excited for the future ✌️🙏☮️😤💨

Xanth Kirschenman

Xanth Kirschenman

April 05, 2021

I wanted to say thank you for a well done update. I know I have contacted you in the past about the same question and I understand whatever the answer. I was wondering if you were able to see if I made the cut for the beta mode? The reason I ask is so that I may buy another setup to hold me till the American mods are done. Not wanting to spend the extra money if I don’t have to, but will if needed. Lastly, any recommendations if I do need to buy something? Thanks for everything and the constant responses.

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