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Mod and Preorder Update

Hey everyone,

We promised we'd update everyone on the mods and preorders as soon as we have worthwhile information to pass along, so we're going to have a quick update.

First, we've temporarily closed new preorders for the kits and the mod. We want to hold off on accepting new preorders until we have a solid shipping timeframe. When that happens, we'll open them back up and announce it.

For our customers that already have preorders for either the mod or bubbler, your orders will not be affected by that and will still ship by order date when we get the mod in.

For the bubbler, we have been told by the manufacturer that we're about three or four weeks from them shipping them out. We're going to explore the possibility with them of shipping smaller batches as they become available rather than waiting for everything to be done so we can try to minimize that wait.

The mod is still waiting on two things- the PCB fabricators and the machine shop. They both have everything they need and it's just a matter of waiting for them. They're taking longer than was originally quoted to us, but regardless we are shooting to have the first functional mods assembled and in our hands within a couple weeks. For the remainder it's looking like the two companies will be at least about four weeks given their latest updates to us. We know most preorders have stuck with us through this long process and have been super patient, but we still offer refunds for those that cannot wait any longer. I'm going to be honest with everyone with the information I have at the time, and if that results in some cancellations, then so be it. Through all these delays, the best thing we can do is be transparent.

We understand this is taking forever. We refuse to sacrifice quality to make this happen faster, though. Our preorder customers will receive a product that is unlike anything else on the market, and the best quality that we could make it. We've incorporated so many small technologies such as altimeters to ensure consistency no matter where you are or where you go when you use the control tower. This isn't a sales pitch, just a reminder that we're making something special here. If our only priority was getting something out the door, this would have been out months ago. But this mod has to be a step above the rest. Still though, I will forward along any new information as I get it.

Stuart Johnson

Stuart Johnson

Business Manager - Social Media - Customer Service

1 Response

Logan Walker

Logan Walker

December 01, 2021

You guys are the best, I hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for the news sure appreciate it. I was hoping to try out the new mod, waiting with cancer is a bitch in it self. Well guys keep up the good work, don’t let anyone get you down, and keep moving forward, that’s all we can do. Take care guys and be safe.

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