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Pact Act, round two, and a Mod update

Over the last few days the USPS' implementation of the PACT Act, as it relates to our business, has come into a littler clearer focus. We'd like to announce a few changes we'll be making in order to maintain compliance with this law and continue providing shipping to our customers.



These changes are, in totality, really minor because our entire product catalogue does not contain products meant to be banned by the PACT Act. First and foremost, we'll be adding additional disclaimers to our products to make it more clear that we have never intended our products to be used with liquids of any kind. Our products are just not built for this and that's not what they're used for by our customers. Secondly, our mod will not contain any settings that allow for use in wattage mode (note: wattage mode ESCCs are compatible with ESCC temp control mode on our mod.) or any other mode that allow for use with any other atomizer or mode besides the ESCC. We already know that our customers are purchasing the mod strictly for use with the ESCC, but we're just making this point abundantly clear. Lastly, we are not going to be offering our coils for the time being. These are not meant to be used for liquids either, but we want to err on the side of caution so that it cannot be misinterpreted as being a possibility with our devices.


I guess we were tempting fate and the pandemic supply chains by saying in our last update that it would be the last one before mods started shipping, because another update is needed. We're living in unprecedented times when it comes to manufacturing and supply chains, and even though we've acquired the parts we're still reliant on other manufacturers for the last little bit (and their supply chains as well!) If we are relying on ten people, those ten people are also relying on ten other people and so on, so any disruptions along that chain ripple on to us.


So, as of right now, we're waiting on the PCB fabricators to do their work fabricating our chipset and the machine shop to finish up their work on the enclosure. In our most recent communication with them they let us know they had difficulties with one of their machines going dark but were back up and operating now. Realistically waiting on these two things has added several weeks to our launch date. We already know everyone currently waiting has stuck with us through all of the setbacks and delays we've faced so far, but we want to make it clear we still offer refunds if necessary at any time up until the mod ships. We know the delays suck, but we're going to be upfront with you guys about the difficulties we've faced. We will reach the end of the road and launch this mod no matter what. If we have any other relevant news we will update you all, but in the meantime you can always reach out and I'll let you know the most up to date info I have at the time.

We have received a small batch of the new v3 bubblers and have shipped some of these out to those at the front of the line. The rest of this bubbler shipment is, as of now, expected around the time of the mod's release.


Thank you all for your support,


Stuart Johnson

Stuart Johnson

Business Manager - Social Media - Customer Service

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