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Preorder update

Hey everyone, happy New Year! After such a difficult 2021, we're fully focused on making 2022 a better year for our customers and for our company. This update will be on the short side, but it's all pretty good news. 

Bubblers and TC ESCCs- we've just received word from both manufacturers that these will be done and on their way this week. Transit time is usually about a week, so we expect them both here in about two weeks.

Mods- The machine shop is pretty much done doing their work, with some small components still being worked on but most components either done, being gold plated, or being anodized. We expect to have the other components to assemble the very first Control Towers in the next couple weeks as well. When we get these in hand and begin final QA stuff, we'll post another update and by then should have a more definitive timeline for shipping to begin. Like we've said before, we know we're at the end of the road but we are not going to rush through this final process. Because we've had complete control over every aspect of the design and the manufacturing process, we don't expect any QA issues during the assembly and testing phase, but nevertheless we will take the time to be thorough and get this right.

As soon as we get the first CTs assembled, expect another update from us along with the first pictures of the final version mod. Thank you everyone for your support!

Stuart Johnson

Stuart Johnson

Business Manager - Social Media - Customer Service

2 Responses

Isaac deBroux-Slone

Isaac deBroux-Slone

March 02, 2022

February update? Ordered last January and still waiting.

Joey B

Joey B

February 01, 2022

Honestly, “end of summer” deadline was terrible. It’s starting to look like “beginning of summer 2022”. And I reallllllllly hope we get 2 updates this month, since you guy skipped over December completely.

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