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Preorder Update 5/15/22

Hey everyone,

We've got a big update today with a lot of news on different fronts.

First the mod. CEPD, the engineering firm we hired to optimize our board design, has finished their work. They ended up taking longer than the contracted estimate to do this, but we're really happy with the final product and the amount of testing that has gone into the design. Choosing to incorporate their testing methods into our chipset has potentially saved us a significant amount of time iterating and refining the board design. By Monday, CEPD will begin working with the chip fabricators to create  the first five final version chipsets. Within a couple weeks from then we should have the first fully assembled American made control towers. Having reached this stage is a huge relief and has gotten us really excited to finally get these boards in our hands.

These first five chips are just to do final quality checks and testing before we fabricate hundreds of chipsets. We expect this final fabrication process to take two to three weeks, but we're going to make another announcement as soon as we get the testing chipsets. We are on a steady march towards launch at this point, and we should have a solid launch date when we get those chips in our hands.

Next, the anodizing. The talented artist we have creating our custom anodizing is hard at work on everyone's custom anodizing designs (and the regular anodizing as well.) Everything is moving along here and we'll continue to post pictures of these as we get them. Do you recognize your custom design here? (More pics will be uploaded soon)

We received a batch of ESCCs- these are with a newly designed gold plating. This gold plating significantly reduces the final resistance of the ESCC. Almost all of these ESCCs are now .3 to .7 with solid repeatability. These have started going out to everyone currently waiting for standalone TC ESCC orders.

For our future ESCC orders we have changed the product pages to reflect the upcoming mod launch. From now on, ESCCs will be listed as either "high ohm" or "low ohm" rather than "TC" or "wattage." All of these ESCCs are going to be TC capable with our mod, the only difference being the heat up speed (slightly slower with higher ohm ESCCs.) It doesn't make sense to sell ESCCs catered to use with other mods when we have built this system to work together.

To further clarify the new product listings: Because both of these new product listings work in TC on our mod, we are no longer advertising the low ohm ESCC as compatible with third party mods. The resistance is the important factor for our mod, while third party mods require very high positive TCR to function properly. Because TCR is different to every ESCC, we will no longer guarantee a high PTCR ESCC. Our mod will function identically whether the ESCC has a positive or negative TCR.

Additionally, future ESCCs are going to be polished significantly more than any ESCC we have sold so far. V2 ESCCs are polished to a fine polish already, but they will now be polished beyond a mirror finish. Taking the extra time and expense to polish the ESCC to such a high level makes the interior surface of the ESCC essentially nonstick, making cleaning significantly easier. Below is a picture of a standard ESCC and a highly polished ESCC.

Lastly, a quick update on the bubblers. We currently have two manufacturers working on these. One of them, unfortunately, has been shut down for over a month due to Covid. The second manufacturer is located elsewhere and is not affected by this. We have received several prototypes and are happy with the results. We should have final samples soon. We'll also include more info here with our next update.

I apologize for such a long update, but I hope everyone is as excited as we are. We'll make the next update as soon as the first chipsets arrive to us.

Also, feel free to check out the AVS Discord here: AVS Community Discord

This Discord is not run by us, but has a growing community so come check it out!

Stuart Johnson

Stuart Johnson

Business Manager - Social Media - Customer Service

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