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Upgrade or maintain your Molecule22 with our parts and accessories!

Molecule22 Elite Kit

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Pre-order is now closed. We expect preorders with the Control Tower to ship before the end of the year and will open ordering again at that time. You can cancel your preorder for a full refund anytime before it ships. We're very excited to be nearing the finish line with this one-of-a-kind, Made in Colorado, cutting edge device! More information about our progress can be found clicking here.

The highest quality and most innovative dabbing technology ever made, nothing else comes close!

Includes everything we make for the Molecule22. Use the M22 as a wax pen, e-rig, or e-nail with the energized Silicon Carbide ceramic crucible (ESCC™) or an Oct-Core Fused Clapton coil.


  • Your color choice of Molecule22 atomizer with TC ESCC™
  • M22 Control Tower Mod w/ powerful 4200mah replaceable 21700 size battery included - Made in Denver, CO, USA!
  • M22 Bubbler w/ silicone rubber base, bumpers, and carb cap tether
  • Bottomless banger & glass bubble carb cap
  • 510 Extension Cable
  • Silicone e-nail base, with cotton swabs, dipping tank, and magnetic dab tool holder

This does not include a rig but the SSC designed rig for the M22 can be found here.

Pictures shown are just of a prototype and/or renders.

Please note: Not compatible with liquids.

The pinnacle of dabbing science and technology

The Molecule22 Elite Kit is the first system to be designed from the ground up to be used as a wax pen, e-rig, or e-nail. Additionally it is the first to introduce a truly new and revolutionary heater, the directly Energized SiC Crucible (ESCC™). This offers the fastest and most energy efficient heat up on the market by a large margin. Ideal for cold start and low temp dabbing for amazing flavor and efficacy but can power through high temps with ease too. It's also firmware updateable making it nearly future proof. Pair that with steel construction, and replaceable battery, with proper care this is a kit that will last years.

Nothing else even comes close in comparison! 

Molecule22 Atomizer

Engineered from the ground up to offer the best flavor and performance possible with the best materials for durability and user safety. Offering unprecedented versatility and technology. This includes our renowned 316L SS Fused Clapton coils. It also features the game changing, first of its kind, truly coil-less, Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible.

The much anticipated ESCC™

The patent pending ESCC is the most powerful ceramic heater ever made for oil concentrate vaporization. Cleaner, safer, better flavor and performance than anything ever before. With proper care it will last indefinitely.

There is absolutely no comparison to anything else.

This is the future.

M22 Control Tower Specs

 Customizable RGB Led Ring - Over 150 million color/effect combinations

 Optional auto firing with adjustable cut-off time

 Proprietary ESCC Temperature Control modes

 Full Color 80x160px HD IPS screen

 USB-C Intelligent Charging

 Powerful 4200mah replaceable battery included

 Durable and Lightweight 6061 T6 Aluminum enclosure (body)

 Firmware Updateable

 WIFI & Bluetooth - for smartphone operation and other features to come later through updates

 Temp Range: 250℉ – 600℉

Molecule22 as an E-Rig

The M22 Bubbler with Vortex Carb Cap has a large 15-30ml water capacity, and micro diffusion for enhanced filtration and cooling efficiency. It also has a tall bubbling chamber to prevent water from splashing into your mouth. The carb cap has part of our patent pending vortex airflow system to spin your oil and vapor creating better flavor and cloud performance. The bubbler is compact and portable in size.

The base holds 3 cotton swabs and a mini dab tool. The base, bumpers and a carb tether of your color choice are included.

The M22 E-Rig is unlike any other. Only the M22 with ESCC™ can deliver this level of flavor, performance, and efficiency.

M22 as an E-Nail

The elite kit includes the silicone desktop dab station, glass iso dipping tank, 510 extension cable, and bottomless banger with carb cap and silicone tether. Everything you need to use the Molecule22 with ESCC™ as an E-nail but better. Unlike traditional enails, the ESCC™ will heat up to temperature within a couple seconds and accurately maintain temperature under different operating conditions. Other dab tech simply can't keep up with the superior electrical and thermal performance of the Energized SiC Crucible!