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Silicone E-rig Base for the M22


The Silicone E-rig Base for the M22 Control Tower and M22 Bubbler holds everything together to provide stability and prevent excessive tilting of the bubbler when holding it. It prevents tip over by increasing the footprint and works with the other silicone parts such as the carb tether and bumpers to complete a system of protection in the event a tip does happen. The e-rig base for the M22 CT and Bubbler also holds 3 cotton swabs and a mini dab tool.


  • Premium non stick, food grade silicone material
  • Glow in the Dark - All but the black option glow. Semi transparent green glow or STGG has a milky white appearance but glows bright green and the other colors glow very dimly.
  • Holds 3 cotton swabs and a mini dab tool


  • 1 x Silicone Base for the M22 Control Tower and Bubbler.
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