M3 0.5x4mm Torx Screws and Driver



NOTE: These screws are not compatible with the Molecule RDA.

Tired of stripped screws? So were we and that was one of the reasons we decided to build the Boaz RDA. One of the best features about the Boaz RDA is the Torx screw we use on the posts which allow you to get your legs tighter than ever before and without stripped screws! 

We've decided to make our high quality gold plated Torx screws available to you to retro fit into other RDA's or RTA's that use M3 0.5 x 4mm. M3 is the size of the screw, .5 is the thread size, 4mm is the length. Most of the newer devices use this size, such as the Recoil Rebel RDA, Dead Rabbit RDA, and many more.

We'll be offering M2.5 screws soon for the smaller or older devices!

*Warning: These screws are capable of applying more torque than traditional grub screws and the posts in the Boaz RDA were designed to handle this extra torque. Use caution when tightening these screws as you could over tighten and cause damage to the thread of your posts. Use at your own risk, we are not liable if you damage your device. If this is a concern we advise checking out our Boaz RDA!



10x M3 0.5x4mm Torx screws

1x Torx Driver

Type: Accesories

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David R.
United States

Work Great

Easier to work with, love the torx drive. Looking forward to the 2.5 size for the tanks that need them. Will be getting more of these as needed. First rate service and decent prices will keep me coming back.

Dominic F.
United States

Great product for any rda or rta, if they use this size.

I use these in all of my rda's that will accommodate them. They grab the wire easily, from single wire to more complex and bigger builds.

Tommy D


How could you NOT get these. No more strippeD SCREWS. tHESE ARE ROCK SOLID.

Ken H.
United States

Great set of screws and dr7iver

My experience has been great, I can get coil legs as snug as I want them now. Just be a little cautious in how much you tighten them, which is in the warnings/descripton. My girlfriend tightened one too much, on a dead rabbit and the coil broke. Awesome torx screws

John B.
United States

Torx screws

I retro - fitted all of my rda's and rdta's with these grub screws . You are able to get a little more torque out of these , and they won't strip out near as easy as the flat or Philipps or even the hex head screws . After all, who doesn't want a tighter more secure coil wire ! Good cheap investment .

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