Molecule22 Instructions

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Here you will find the Molecule22 owners manual, video guides to use the M22 correctly, as well as some tips and pointers. 

Expert Tip #1: As with any new device, a quick alcohol wash or ultrasonic cleaner is recommended. For an alcohol wash just rinse with rubbing alcohol and wipe with a swab and then rinse with hot water. Make sure the Molecule is fully dry after.

Expert Tip #2: This is a high performance device. Less is needed to accomplish the same goal. Load less and start at the lowest recommended settings, work your way up from there.

Expert Tip #3: This was engineered to last indefinitely. Like an engine, it needs to be worn in and will require maintenance throughout it's life to get the full benefits and lifespan. Clean regularly, do not soak in any liquid for longer then a couple of minutes. Orings, and spring clips are expected to wear out with use and should be replaced at the first signs of failing. The spring wearing out will feel loose and/or your resistance will rise above the acceptable range for the ESCC. Always store the Molecule22 clean and dry when not in use. When you pull the top cap, make sure to do so with a slight twisting motion and straight up. Avoid tilting the top cap as you remove or insert it.

Expert Tip #4: Prime the coil or ESCC by melting the oil into the heating element. This is done by briefly pulsing the power button a couple of times, until you see the oil absorb or melt on to the vaporization surface.

Expert Tip #5: This can create a very strong vortex and requires very little suction to operate at full efficiency. Inhale softly and don't be fooled by how smooth the inhale is, the M22 can deliver knock out puffs without you feeling anything on the inhale. Start small and work your way up to your preference.






Owners Manual

2020 Revision

WARNING: Failure to read this manual and to observe the proper use of this device could result in damage or injury! Please read this manual or watch the videos on our website to ensure the best experience. We are not liable for legal consequences, damage, or injury due to misuse of this device.


Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of the Molecule22! This manual is intended to be a short and simple guide. If you have trouble using the manual, we have instructional videos on our website that are easier to understand and more in depth. You can also email us for additional help:

Included in the box:

- Molecule22 RDA

- ESCC™ w/ Zirconia Housing

- Flat Oct-Core Coils w/ Alumina Housing

- T5 Torx Driver and SS Dab Tool

- M3 x 3mm 316L SS/Gold Torx Screws

- 24k Gold Plated SS Spring Clips

- AVS Molecule22 Sticker

We recommend a quick cleaning before use. You can use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the ESCC or coil. Make sure not to inhale any alcohol fumes and that the M22 and ESCC or coil are fully dried before use!

AVS Mod:

Screw the Molecule22 onto the mod. Turn on the mod and then based on the heating element installed in the M22, proceed to “ESCC TC” or “316L SS” mode.

Other mod:

If you’re using the flat SS coil, you can use “316”, “316L”, “SS TC”, “TCR ” or wattage mode. If you’re using the ESCC, follow the wattage mode instructions for pulsing the power to mimic TC mode.

Preparing the ESCC:

Make sure the ESCC is securely installed by pressing down evenly inside the center of the crucible with adequate pressure but use care. There should be little to no movement in the Zirconia housing. Set your temperature to 600f and 50w, or pulse in wattage mode a couple times. Heat it up while blowing on it to make sure everything is working and to sanitize the vaporization surface. Let it cool off for a minute or two.

Preparing the Flat Coil:

The Flat SS coil should show ≈ 0.40Ω ±0.013.

At 15-20 watts apply power to the coil for 1-5 seconds at a time. While doing this, gently poke and strum the coil in different places with the dab tool, until you see any glowing hot spots. As soon as you see the coil start to show a faint glow let go of the power button. Strum and poke the coil a couple more times with light pressure. Repeat this process of firing the coil and then strumming and poking until the coil starts to glow evenly from the middle outward. A faint red glow is all you need to see. DO NOT overheat the coil or atomizer!  If your M22 or mod heats up, give it a break before repeating the process. Risk of burning yourself or damage to the M22 is possible if you overheat it!


First Use & Loading:

Make sure everything is cooled down to room temperature and then take a new resistance reading. To take a new reading with the AVS Mod, navigate to and select the “X.XXΩ” value underneath the wattage setting. Select “Read Again”, and then make sure the resistance is locked.

Pop the top off for loading by gripping the top knurled heat sinks and pulling up with a slight twisting motion. We recommend loading about the size of a grain of rice or two. A little bit goes a long way. Load your oil directly on the center of the coil. If you’re using the ESCC you can load it anywhere inside the Crucible. Put the top cap back on the housing.

Close the air inlet holes in a counterclockwise rotation, opening them up with a clockwise rotation.

It’s important to lightly warm and pre-melt the oil by pulsing the power button a couple of times before use. You want to melt the concentrate into a liquid without overheating it. This also wicks the oil into the heating element and increases efficiency.

Temperature Control Mode

This is the recommended method and applies to both the Flat Oct-Core Coil or ESCC with the AVS Mod. In temp control you’ll have better flavor and more consistent / predictable vapor production. Certain compounds vaporize at different temperatures. Between about 395°f – 430°f you’ll vaporize most of the desired compounds and have the best flavor. Set the AVS Mod to “316L SS” mode for the coil, or use “ESCC TC” for the energized SiC crucible. When using the coil set it to 25-35 watts and 360°-450°f depending on your preference. With the ESCC in TC mode, 35-50 watts and 360°-450°f.  Higher wattage is advised for larger loads. The ESCC can be used in TCR mode on other mods however your results are not guaranteed. TCR of 126-138 depending on your preference, a higher TCR value will get hotter. A DNA material CSV is available upon request. After some use the base resistance will slightly rise and require a new base resistance reading. If your base (cold resistance) rises more than 0.09 you likely need to clean the spring clip connection or replace the springs. Overloading, or lack of regular cleaning will result in build up or spill over that works its way down into the deck and electrical connections. Regular cleaning will significantly reduce this and lead to much more consistent performance, less spring changes and deep cleans.

To take a puff hold the power button down, wait for about 2 seconds and then inhale softly for 6-13 seconds. Continue to inhale for 5-10 seconds after letting off the power button to help cool the ESCC and Molecule22 down, vapor is still produced for a few more seconds as well. It’s best to inhale softly during use as not to create too strong of a vortex inside the M22.  

Wattage mode

Set your regulated mod to run at 20-30 watts with the coil. We do not recommend wattage mode for the ESCC, it will reduce the life of the clips and likely lead to overheating which will burn oil residue after several heat cycles. Higher wattage results in hotter oil, faster. With a higher wattage you’ll need to take shorter puffs using short pulses or you will overheat the oil. Start at a lower wattage and slowly move up to find what works best for you. If the coil or ESCC are room temp, then your first pulse will need to be about 3-6 seconds. After it has been warmed up, 1-3 second pulses are all that is needed to maintain temp. Keep in mind that oils can be harsh if you overheat them or in large amounts!


Tips and pointers

  • Pre-Melt your concentrate into the coil or ESCC before use to maximize efficiency.
  • Inhale softly during use, the vortex is strong.
  • After you take a puff and let off the fire button, continue to inhale for 3-8 seconds to pull cool air through the M22 and help cool it back down.
  • Keep the coil or ESCC and chamber clean and free of debris
  • Keep the M22 clean of excess reclaim.
  • Keep the M22 level during use or parallel to the ground. Excessive tilt will make your oil pool up.
  • Use live concentrate for the best flavor.
  • Allow the Molecule22 30 seconds or more between puffs to cool down.
  • Start small and work your way up. Use the Molecule22 responsibly!


Cleaning / maintenance

It’s important to keep your M22 clean. Depending on your level of use, you’ll want to do a light cleaning daily, to every few days, and a deep cleaning once a week or so. With the ESCC we recommend swabbing out the reclaim after every load to every other load. If you allow reclaim to pool up it will lead to splatter. The coil can go a little longer between swabbing due to the coil being able to hold onto some reclaim.

Light clean:

Remove the top cap, warm up the coil or ESCC to 450f while you blow on it. Some reclaim will vape off while you do this. Use a dry cotton swab to dab the vaporized oil from around the coil or ESCC. While the M22 is warm you can use a cotton swab to also clean all around the bowl and coil/ESCC. Make sure no cotton fibers get left behind as they can burn and affect your flavor.

Deep clean:

Follow the steps for a light clean but dip the cotton swab in 70-91% strength rubbing alcohol. Make sure you’re in a ventilated room. With a damp alcohol swab you can also clean the top cap, ceramic bowl, and other parts.

The ESCC can easily be removed for cleaning around it and underneath it by pulling up on its zirconia housing. Make sure not to grab the zirconia or ESCC when it’s hot! When installing the ESCC it’s important to install the spring into the deck first, then the zirconia housing and the ESCC. If there is stubborn build up due to overheating, you can use a culinary butane torch turned all the way down and gently torch the inside wall of the ESCC. Using a torch you run the risk of messing up the gold plating and this option should be used with care and only if absolutely necessary, using TC prevents this from being needed. After cleaning with alcohol, make sure to wait for it to FULLY dry before using it again.

With proper cleaning and maintenance, a coil can last for months. Although For optimal flavor and performance, we recommend changing the coil every 1-2 weeks with heavy use, every 2-4 weeks with moderate use or 4-8 weeks with light use. The ESCC can last many years although the gold plating will eventually wear down, it will lead to small increase in resistance but have a small impact on performance. Even without the gold plating it will still keep on rocking!

Installing the coil:

Start with a clean M22. Take it apart, and then loosen the post screws. Place the coil in the ceramic bowl with the legs of the coil going through the holes in the bottom. Cut the legs to about 3-4mm in length and place the coil legs into the post holes of the M22 deck. While pressing down on the coil with your finger or a tool that fits inside the ceramic bowl, tighten the post screws down on the legs of the coil. Make sure the screws are nice and tight on the legs! Follow steps from the quick start guide for removing hot spots and taking a base resistance reading.

Installing the ESCC:

Install the spring clip into the M22 deck with the wide side of the spring facing the top and bottom of the AV logo using the included dab tool or screwdriver to gently work them down into the post without deforming the clip. Using a dab tool or the m22 screwdriver gently press the sides of the spring clips to make sure they are not snagged and that the ESCC will fit in without pushing a tab down, but be careful not to push to hard and bend the tabs in or the spring clip will not make a good connection with the ESCC leg. Then place the zirconia housing on top. To install the ESCC simply line up the legs with the spring clips and zirconia housing and press down firmly but carefully on the center ensuring even and straight downward force.


Warning / disclaimers

  • DO NOT use for illegal purposes!!!
  • DO NOT overheat the coil or RDA - it can burn you! If your M22 or mod heats up, give it a rest to cool off.
  • DO NOT overload the device. Load as you go. Max ≈0.1g advised.
  • DO NOT install coils larger than 3mm if they are round. 2.5mm is advised
  • Only recommended for use on mods with batteries that are rated for 20 amps or greater.
  • Always verify that your mod shows the correct ohm for the heating element that’s installed.
  • Always make sure the ceramic bowl is flush with the deck when installing a new coil.
  • Keep out of reach from children and minors.


Optional Accessories

(Sold separately)

- M22 Bubbler (Mini E-Rig): Large water capacity and chamber in a compact form factor, rips like a large rig. Smaller holes in the stem for diffusion improve filtration efficiency. The carb cap features our SS vortex piece to swirl your oil and vapor!

-AVS Mod with 30amp 4000mah battery: You’ll have more than enough power for days of moderate to heavy use between charges. Simple to use and accurate TC, this is refined to work with the M22 and accessories as a system. Lots of features including a customizable RGB LED visual indicator ring, USB-C fast charging, ESCC TC, Rig Mode, and more!

- M22 Rig Adapter (E-Nail): Featuring a cabled 510 extension with knurled connections and glass housing with glass male joint. You can use the M22 just like a nail! Using adapters, this can be used with any rig!

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