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83 reviews

Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible (ESCC™) - Low Ohm - M22

The V2.8 ESCC is in stock. The V2.8 is the same size and shape as the V2/V2.5 but features vastly improved gold plating that is 10x thicker and covers a larger area, which results in better efficiency than previous ESCCThe V2.8 ESCC™ are polished to a mirror finish, making clean up a breeze!

Patented and Patent Pending - Coil-less directly Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible for the Molecule22.  A directly powered SiC ceramic crucible! The first truly coil less vape tech for concentrates! Everything you love about SiC, a premium ceramic vaporization surface, in a compact and portable vaporizer that rips fast and hard with remarkable flavor! Finally, you can have the ease of cleaning between loads of a bucket, maintaining that optimum flavor from your oils while still enjoying the massive rips like what a coil delivers. When it comes to concentrates this is the best on the market. Satisfaction is guaranteed, this is the future of concentrate vaporization.

With proper care the ESCC will last many years! While the cost to make and sell the ESCC is higher than conventional heater technology, its performance and lifespan greatly outdoes the competition. Nothing compares to this. Not only will you enjoy the most effective, and tasty puffs on the market, but you will save money on maintenance and upkeep in the long term. The only thing you have to replace are the clips and orings, both very cheap. A pair of clips can last months if you clean them regularly.

The ESCC™ is non-stick and non-chazz. It simply wipes clean with a cotton swab! The ESCC is mirror polished and features gold plated legs for better performance!

Simply press the patented Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible into our patented spring deck like a fuse, load your product, set temp and go! No pottery glaze, solder, glue, screws, or hot spot removal like other devices. Just set it and go! Nothing but flavor and easy to clean SiC ceramic.

With the Molecule Control Tower you can have flawless temp control but can only do wattage mode on third party mods. 

Ohm Range = 0.2-0.8


1 x V2.8 Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible

1 x Zirconia ESCC Housing

10 x ESCC Spring Clips


Please note: Not compatible with liquids or nicotine of any kind. DO NOT soak or use aggressive chemicals such as dark crystal glass cleaner or mean green etc to clean the crucible. Rubbing alcohol and #0000 steel wool is more than enough to deep clean it and remove the most stubborn of messes.  

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Joseph f.
United States United States

Wow. Molecule22 with escc

Completely blown away by this atomizer with the escc. I have multiple options when it comes to my dabs. I just got this in the mail and I’m in love. I read through the website about the molecule22 and the escc. I bought it because I was like damn, at the very least there marketing people killed it. Not an easy as my puffco peak pro but bits better. Not as inconvenient as a rig but way easier all around And 100 percent comparable hits.

Advanced Vape Supply Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible (ESCC™) - Low Ohm - M22 ReviewAdvanced Vape Supply Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible (ESCC™) - Low Ohm - M22 ReviewAdvanced Vape Supply Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible (ESCC™) - Low Ohm - M22 Review
Dominic F.
United States United States

Game changer for sure.

Been waiting on the new one for awhile and finally got one. Worth it's weight in gold. My rig is gonna collect dust now. Thank you guys you designed a fantastic product.


Exactly as promised - Actual, accurate temperature control in a bucket

As an owner of the final version ESCC I can say it's as amazing as the claims sound. With Brent's tfr curve on my 3 DNA mods, temp control accuracy is amazing. Far better than the so-called "temperature control" with the typically 150° over-temp error of competitors offerings. The tcr Brent offered (tcr 123 to 126) works very well too. Both the tfr and tcr are usable on Arctic Fox compatible mods. Check r/AdvancedVapeSupply on reddit for more info on those. Perfotmance is stellar - capable of disposing of embarrassing large loads in 2 hits.... While tasting smooth and with no scorching. $99.99 might seem high, but considering the projected life span (years) and literally one-of-a kind performance, it's well worth it, imho.

Justin P.
United States United States

Final ESCC

A quality piece! And since there's now temp control for other devices : running mine @a steady .9 ohms on tcr 127 40w 425 degrees... Oh man. It tastes like the cleanest dab I've ever taken. Period.

Advanced Vape Supply Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible (ESCC™) - Low Ohm - M22 Review
United States United States

The final version of the ESCC is nothing short of amazing!

AVS really knew what they had going for them when they announced the M22 and ESCC. Which is why I think they announced it so early AND were daring enough to open preorders and risk their reputation. Yes, the wait was painful. Yes, the original ESCC was a tease. But after a couple days of heavy use, holy hell, the final ESCC and springs produce smooth, dense and flavorful clouds.