Molecule RDA Video Tutorials

Here are the video guides to using the Molecule RDA correctly, as well as some tips and pointers. 

Expert Tip #1: When you tighten the base to your mod we advise using the round side of the dab tool to insert into the post hole and then wrench the base tight to the mod, not so tight you bend the tool. This prevents any issues with the housing locking to the base and won't damage the threads of your mod.

Expert Tip #2: As with any new device, a quick ISO wash or ultrasonic cleaner is recommended. For ISO wash just rinse with rubbing alcohol and then water. Make sure the Molecule is fully dry after.

Expert Tip #3: This is a high performance device. Less is needed to accomplish the same goal. Load less and start at the lowest recommended settings, work your way up from there.

Expert Tip #4: The o-rings and threads will wear in after use. This was engineered to last you indefinitely. Like an engine, it needs to be broken in. If the o-rings are bothering you with the tightness, and to prevent breakage of the quartz, we advise oiling the o-rings. Then make sure to heat the device before you take it apart, this will make everything slide easier. When you pull the top cap, make sure to do so with a slight twisting motion and straight up. Don't tilt the top cap as you remove or insert.

Setting Name Recommended Setting  Notes
Mode TFR: 316L / TCR: 92 The coils are 316L SS; if you have a TFR setting for 316L, use that, but if not use a TCR value of 92 (0.00092)
Power 15w-25w Start at low wattage and move up to find your preference.
Resistance 0.39Ω ± 0.03Ω The coils are custom and resistance varies on several factors.
Temperature 360°F-430°F Lower temp for more flavor, higher temp for more impact. 

This table is based off one created by u/saltyrefrigerator on reddit.