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Spooled 316L Stainless Steel Wire - (Regular Round and Flat Ribbon)

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*Please Note: The wire comes on a clear spool like the one in the second picture. It will not come zip tied like the first picture. These spools fit perfect on the new clapton making machine as shown in VAPNFAGAN's review. (we will update the pictures very soon)

Advanced Vape Supply Stainless Steel Wire. Buy the wire we use to make our prebuilt wire in regular round or flat wire options. 30' Spools of 316L SS 24g, 26g, 28g, 30g, 32g in stock. 50' and 100' spools of 34g, 36g, 38g, and 40g in stock! Coming soon - 317L, and 430 SS.

*As always it is guaranteed pure, high quality, and clean.

We only have 316L SS at this time. 


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