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Our premium stainless steel coils and wire are known for their consistent quality and the best flavor on the market.


M22 Enail Extension Cable

This is available for preorder and will ship around the middle of April.

The M22 Enail Extension Cable as invented by us is the best way for connecting your 510 threaded atomizer with a Bottomless Banger to most rigs. We developed this due to years of experimentation and a strong dislike of the approach by others using tubing/ hoses to connect 510 atomizers to rigs. Tubing negatively impacts flavor, and is hard to clean. Using our 510 extension cable and bottomless banger will allow for the best flavor and performance possible from a rig with the M22 and ESCC™. There is no comparison to the the performance, capability, or versatility of this system.


  • Designed through nearly 2 years of testing and refinement
  • Premium materials and renown craftsmanship you won't find anywhere else 
  • Extremely lightweight, it won't add too much weight to the glass neck
  • Very flexible, it is easy to position how you want
  • Very low ohm, our cable allows for accurate TC
  • Built to manage heat so it doesn't get too hot and cools off faster
  • AV Logo lights up green during heating
  • Engineered to be very durable and offer the best performance possible
  • Long cable allows for versatile deployment and use
(We will disclose more of the details soon)

    To complete the M22 Rig adapter kit you will also need to purchase the Bottomless Banger for the M22. Found Clicking here.

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