Molecule22 Elite Kit

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The highest quality and most innovative dabbing technology ever made, nothing else comes close!

Pre-Order will begin soon, stay tuned on our reddit or IG for updates.

Includes everything we make for the Molecule22. Use the M22 as a wax pen, erig, or enail with the energized Silicon Carbide ceramic crucible (ESCC™) or an oct-core fused clapton coil!


  • Molecule22 atomizer with TC ESCC™
  • M22 Control Tower Mod
  • M22 Bubbler w/ silicone rubber base, bumpers, and carb cap tether
  • Bottomless banger & glass bubble carb cap
  • 510 Extension Cable
  • Silicone enail base, with cotton swabs, dipping tank, and magnetic dab tool holder 
  • All other M22 accessories included

Pictures shown are just of a prototype and/or renders.