Kendo Vape Cotton - Gold Edition


After various testing processes and experiments by hardcore vapers, Kendo Vape Cotton is proven to be the best quality vaping cotton you can get. Kendo cotton is proven to be heat-resistant and will not burn easily like other cotton does.

You can now do long pulls at high wattages without your cotton going dry as Kendo Vape Cotton has 2x better e-juice absorption.

You no longer have to replace the old cotton with new cotton in order to change flavor because Kendo Vape Cotton has low flavor retention!! This allows you to change flavor easily.

Fed up changing cotton frequently? Don't worry, Kendo cotton will last 2x longer than other leading cotton brands!


Kendo Gold Edition Features

Comes with a meter long of cotton strands and shares the same genetics and features as the Kendo - Original, yet making the wicking process easier than ever!

Type: Accesories

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Phillip C.
United States

Great cotton

So far the best cotton I have used

Frank V

Nice Cotton!

I like this cotton! It’s easy to cut and grab what you need as it’s one long piece instead of strips which I like as you can have less wasted product. I don’t get any off flavors from this cotton at all and the biggest thing I love about this cotton is how well it performs! Compared to cotton bacon, which is pretty much a staple cotton you will find at all the retail stores, this cotton out performs it hands down. If you vape at high wattage or with hot builds, this cotton will not give you a dry or burnt taste (unless you obviously dry Vape it haha!). But this cotton can keep going, and going, and going, and going! Kinda like an energizer bunny in your coils LOL! Instead of getting a burnt or dry airy taste to it when it dries out from vaping, you will notice your flavor and cloud production get muted. That’s what’s great about this is instead of getting a bad Vape to tell you it’s time to re drip, it will just get muted to where it will tell you to drip again. I have tried to dry burn this cotton and it’s tough! Like I said, it just doesn’t stop working it only mutes/degrades flavor or clouds as you Vape more and more! Capillary action is outstanding on this! One tip I can recommend is give this cotton a comb out (especially for RTAs). To me this cotton is very dense so a bit of combing out the ends can make the capillary action perform even better. If you chain vape or like taking back to back hits then this cotton is for you! Hot builds and fast ramp up builds, this cotton is the best! This cotton works perfect for the low resistance, fast ramp up, warm/flavorful SS316L wire material characteristics AVS offers. Works very well in TC mode and even better with replay mode on a DNA 250C device. Tried it on my sqonk devices and again, works well in that as well. Only thing I’m knocking it down to 4 stars is the initial first soak in. It’s somewhat of a pain to get the cotton to start wicking but once it does you will be rewarded. The cotton repels the juice on the first soak so you have to work it in really good. Just follow the directions and you will be good. Drip, pulse for a couple of seconds, drip again, and repeat until it’s soaked. I have found if you are patient, and just let it sit after your done with the drip and pulse process, the cotton breaks in much easier and tastes much better. Works best if you don’t throw a ton of juice on your first juice addition (if you do, it’s just gonna run off the cotton and get all over your device). Drip a little, pulse for 2-3 seconds, and repeat. Cotton bacon or other off the shelf cottons can’t compare to this. AVS only sells this for a reason. Its a high end product that works perfectly with all of there wires/coils they offer! Awesome product! Thank you AVS!

United States

Satisfying. Best cotton I've tried yet.

Tough to get primed, but ultimately better flavor and wicking then cotton bacon. Which surprised me. I run a rdta on around 30-40 watts with a single .2ohm Allen coil. Best flavor I've ever had (on a KangerTech Aite)

Clifton D.
United States

Ok cotton

It's ok I wish you carried some different choices your coils are great

Mark C.
United States

Not bad

AVS shipped my order quick as always - much appreciated. The cotton is nice, I wanted to try another kind other than the cotton bacon I've always been using. If I wasn't so hooked with cotton bacon, I would probably switch lol. Would recommend.

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