Why should you use an RDA/RTA?

Why should you use an RDA/RTA?

October 08, 2017 2 Comments

Today I wanted to take a minute and discuss the reasons why you should use rebuildables versus traditional tanks with stock coil heads. First I will displace some myths about building your own coils. I will weigh the pros and cons for you, and in the end I hope I will be able to clear up some common misconceptions and help you. Should you have any questions, want more info, or feel that my opinions are incorrect than please comment down below

Lets begin.

Building is not as scary or difficult as it may seem. When done incorrectly can it be dangerous? Yes it can, but this would require total neglect on the part of the builder. The fact you're reading this means you are already on the right track! We have a YouTube video and channel dedicated to helping you. You can find our intro to rebuilding with SS video by clicking here. After you install a set or two of coils you'll find yourself becoming increasingly proficient at it. A typical rebuild takes less than 5 minutes, although it might take you more your first few times. There's no rush to do it quickly, and these builds will typically last far longer than a coil head on a tank will.

Depending on the juice you vape, how you vape, and the type of wick you use, you should be able to get a week or two on a build before needing to perform any maintenance. Sweeter juices will gunk up the coils and wicks faster. You can typically go about a week, and then pull your wicks, dry burn the coils and dip them in water a couple times. This restores the coils to near new and the process can be done a couple times before you need to change the coils. Then just rewick the same coils and you're good for another week. I typically just change the coil every week but that's because I like to change coil types and play with different set ups.



-Increased flavor and vapor production

-More affordable than tanks

-You have more control and possibilities to customize to your exact preferences 

-It's rewarding to vape on your own build


-You are in control of material quality.



-You have to learn what you're doing

-Can be unsafe if you don't follow all safety advisories and use good batteries

-Slightly more time consuming to change your coils vs a tank


Closing thoughts:

Rebuilding should be the natural and logical endpoint for anyone that values the quality of their vape and wishes to improve it beyond what ready made tanks are capable of. It adds an entirely new dimension to vaping and is endlessly customizable. For the people that just initially vape to quit smoking, and getting the most flavor and performance are not top priorities, it may make sense to stick to tanks using coil heads. For anyone else interested in progressing past that beginning level and getting something more, or even exploring vaping as a hobby, it's absolutely worth the time to learn the basics enough to give rebuilding a try.

2 Responses

Steve Lee
Steve Lee

January 17, 2018

I must agree, been smoke free for 16 months how & feeling great. I only wish I listened to my son. Took 4 years of my son trying to convert me to vapin. Started with a sub-ohm tank & premade coils for about 6 months. I was very intimidated about producing my own builds but with my son’s persistence (DAD you need to start dripping) I started to build my own. Now a year later I have numerous rda’s and I only buy sub-ohm tanks that have rba’ s available as I PREFER to do my own builds. I don’t ever see myself buying those premade coils again but they did help me get off those cigarettes.


October 13, 2017

Thank you for your inspiration! Been vaping sub ohms for about six months. I’ve ordered my tools and some coils and I’m ready for some fun and some flavor. The sub ohms took care of getting me off my fifty year tobacco ride. I’m liking the hobby aspect of this and I think I’ll be leaving the sub ohms to riding in cars. I wish I had paid more attention to my 8th grade industrial arts electronics instructor. Better late than never. Thanks again!!

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