Which wire type should I use in my atomizer? Wire and coil selection

Which wire type should I use in my atomizer? Wire and coil selection

October 14, 2017 1 Comment

With the ever expanding amount of pre-made coil options, for many people new to rebuilding or even those experienced with rebuilding but new to complex wire types, the selection can be downright overwhelming. There are a lot of numbers, notations, and variables there. So how do you decide what wire to put into what atomizer? We'll take a look at each variable along the way and try to bring them all together to understand how or why we choose particular wire types for a specific customer.

The first variable is, of course, the atomizer being used. Different atomizers bring a lot of variation and styles to the mix. there are single coil, dual coil, triple coil, but more fundamental than that, different sizes from 22mm up to 40mm+ being used most frequently today. Smaller atomizers in general need smaller wires. larger atomizers have the flexibility to fit larger or smaller wires. Different build decks require different wire types and diameters and can only hold a particular size. There are no rules here, it's a matter of getting to know your atomizer.

The second variable is wattage preference. This can be a little more elusive because there are those coming from using subohm tanks at the particular wattage the coil head is rated for, which does not directly translate into a rebuildable application, and there are those that really don't have a wattage preference. Aside from this, you can at least determine if you're looking for a cool, airy vape or a warmer and more dense vape. This, again, is reflected in the size of the wire being chosen and the smaller wires typically provide a cooler vape because they are vaporizing less juice and running at a lower wattage.

Third, we have airflow. It's very important to choose a wire type that is compatible with the airflow capacity of your atomizer. If you choose a wire that is too big for a restricted style airflow, the end result will be overly warm, with a degradation of flavor, and having to rewick often.

Fourth would be the mod the atomizer is installed on. Many people would like to have the highest performing wire possible for their atomizers but have to scale back because their particular mod has a resistance limit above that of the wire. You need to find a wire that has a high enough resistance that your mod can fire it, in other words.

So from these you can narrow your selection down to three categories:

  • Small: Normal round wire, all the way up to small fused such as 32x3/40G twisted fused, up to a maximum of roughly 65 watts, and typically (in 316L) with a resistance of .3ohm or above in dual coil
  • Medium: most fused claptons, including all sizes of 28x2 claptons, and larger single core clapton (26g) running up to a maximum of typically 75 watts with a resistance typically between .2ohm and .35ohm in dual coil.
  • Large: large fused claptons, including all claptons including more than two cores such as triple core, quad core, aliens, quad aliens, and beyond, capable of running up to maximum of 150+ watts on the largest varieties, with a resistance of .25ohm or lower in dual coil.

For a safe starting point it's a good idea to try something falling into the medium category for most users. Normal claptons and 28x2 fused claptons are a great introduction to complex wire types and can fit in almost all atomizers.

The next set of variables to determine are the wire inner diameter (how big the coil is) and the number of wraps needed. In general, the best diameters to start with are 2.5mm and 3mm, as they provide an optimum balance between wick amount inside the coil and compactness to fit in most modern atomizers without issue. I personally use 3mm almost exclusively. To figure out the number of wraps you want to try to find a good balance between having the most surface area possible, and being able to fit the coil in the atomizer and not having a long ramp up time because there are too many wraps. For me, on fused claptons and larger, typically 5 to 6 wraps is the sweet spot for almost every wire.

It's a lot of information to try to combine together to come up with an idea, but the easiest way to find your perfect build is just to experiment. Try a few that will fit in your atomizer and within your wattage range, and from there you can refine to a smaller or larger wire depending on your particular preferences.

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January 04, 2018

As someone new to rebuilding the amount of choices in prebuilts coils is mind boggling!!! Your info in this article was most helpful. Now on to ordering some coils. Thanks!!!

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