AVS Summer Update / New Spools

AVS Summer Update / New Spools

July 27, 2018 1 Comment

2018 has been a great year so far and we truly appreciate all of you. The Boaz RDA had some failure to launch issues due to miscommunications and last minute changes, but now that its been out for a little while, it's doing well and gaining attention. We don't market or hype our products like many other companies. We rely on our quality, affordability, customer service, and customer satisfaction to market our company as we have from the beginning. This is one of the ways we reduce our costs and in turn pass the savings to you. The Boaz RDA was our first device and a delay on pre-orders being the biggest problem wasn't so bad. Only 3 warranty issues in the 7 months its been on the market. Now we get to see our 2nd device hitting the market, the 15mm Molecule RDA for oils and concentrates.

We've released several new wires and coils this year. Some of you may have noticed that we're also introducing new labels that don't have any writing or check boxes, and they also include the approximate ohm for that specific coil. We did this so our labels would be easier to read, more informative, and have a cleaner overall appearance.

Need coils in a pinch? Check out our Store Locator, we're adding locations daily and this gives you the chance to support us and your local vape shop! 

We want everyone to know that we listen to you. In fact, all of your checkout comments are sent to me directly. I do my best to read through all the checkout comments in a timely manner but keep in mind I get far too many emails to read them everyday. (Notes for production or fulfillment should be left in the order notes box.)

With that said, we've been trying to change our spool for awhile but sourcing a better spool has been nearly impossible, so we made our own! Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments. These will start appearing in orders in about 2 weeks. Keep in mind we still have to finish out our stock of clear spools and so there will be a mix of the new spool and clear spools going out for a couple of months. Thank you for understanding.

Comment below or feel free to email me directly!

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July 29, 2018

When is the eta for the restock of 100FT spools of 26ga on these new spools?

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