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TCR settings for Temp Control on Joyetech mods SS / Ti

TCR settings for Temp Control on Joyetech mods SS / Ti

Joyetech evic VTC mini, Cuboid, RX200
Wire TCR Value
Stainless Steel 304 = 105
Stainless Steel 316 = 92
Stainless Steel 316L = 92
Stainless Steel 317L = 94
Stainless Steel 430 = 138
Titanium Grade 1 = 366
Titanium Grade 2 = 352
Nickel Ni200 = 600
Your mileage may vary, and different wire types have different TCR values, this is all based on a single round wire. Start from here and adjust slightly if not favorable.

How to enter TCR Edit mode

Turn Device off (Press power 5 times quickly)
Hold Power+Up for 5 seconds
How to select a custom TCR Preset

Press power button 3 times quickly
Go to TC-M1
Press the down button once
Use the up button to select one of the three presets

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  • WRH

    I currently have a spaced 7 wrap-3.5mm- 28/40 fused Clapton on my rx200. In standard s.s mode it pops like crazy. I moved to m1 & 110. Wow what a difference. Thanks guys! Keep it up.

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