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Vape More 4 Less

Vape More 4 Less

Formerly known as Vape More For Less, we opted to change our name and site for several reasons to Advanced Vape. First we want you to know, Its the same great company, service, and quality you've come to expect. Second, we did this to better reflect who we are, advanced vapers like you! We're here to help you vape better, for less money. Join us and be advanced today! 

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  • Sean Traughber

    This website is the best experience I have had with stainless steel I love all of them it’s hard to pick a favorite… Keep up the good work

  • Carl Gross

    SS 316L is the only way to vape in my opinion. So glad I found this your site!

  • IndioNycVape

    I never tried or vape SS coils everyone at vape shops here in NYC and reviewers on youtube mostly talk about and vape A1 kanthal coils. Question are SS coils flavor 100 times better and cleaner tasting than kanthal? Is the ramp up time faster than kanthal? Would like to see on your website soon all the newest alien SS coils and all the newest clapton cols.

  • keith brock

    Do you know when the flat and 430 ss wire will be comming in?

  • Andrew Alegnani

    Love You Guys! I have been using your SS 316L Clapton Wire (26Core/30 Outer) And Simply, WOW! So Amazing in my RTA’s and just Very High quality stuff and is actually 316L wire and works Perfectly on TCR (0.00092)! The Vertebraid SS 316L wire I got as a Sample was VERY Interesting and Great Flavor! Cheers and Good on you Guys! Keep Up The Fantastic Work!!! : )

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