M22 is the cleanest and safest concentrate vaporizer

M22 is the cleanest and safest concentrate vaporizer

February 11, 2020

At Advanced Vape Supply we take your health and safety seriously. Our primary investor and Chief Medical Officer is a Harvard educated cancer surgeon and provides medical consultation to AVS part-time but is still a practicing cancer surgeon full-time. He is also overseeing our lab testing and the process of acquiring various certifications for the Molecule22 with ESCC™.

No device has ever been made as an entire system out of materials this high of quality, or undergone the rigorous testing we're doing. Our goal is to create the first Certified Medical Grade Cannabis Oil and Concentrate Atomizer in the USA! We'll share our progress and some of our testing results here and on our subreddit as they become available.

As medical users ourselves we take great pride and satisfaction in having the purest, and highest grade materials available to the mass market. Our materials range from food grade to medical grade and our devices configured in a way to ensure user safety. Any mode of inhalation is not "healthy" however we remove the risk introduced by most competitors products such as excessive use of plastics, solder, or low quality and untested materials or rubbers that get very hot and release chemicals or potentially dangerous heavy metals / metal oxides.

We look forward to completing our lab tests and verifying our claims unlike any of our American competitors who just say their devices are "clean" or the "cleanest" or share Chinese lab tests. The Molecule22 really is the cleanest and safest concentrate vaporizer and we're putting a lot of money where our mouth is to do all the testing. If our competitors won't test their devices than we plan to do that as well so people can see the difference for themselves.

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